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Oct 26, 2012 6:00pm PDT
with the lifetime achievement award. [applause] as chuck ik makes his way up here this is not only an official honor mr. mayor but a personal pleasure because chuck and his wife bernice were two of my earliest supporters 25 years ago when i first ran for congress. they had one of the first parties for me, a house party, a neighborhood party. we have been working together ever since so my daughter christine and their daughter bella we continue this multi-generational relationship. chuck's work as founder of the central latino to san francisco has done nothing less than give people a sense of worth and dignity. it has grown to giving meals to seniors as a full community center for 2300 multi-ethic seniors and families. when the white house had the conference on aging i urged them to listen to grass root activists in the community, and one of the people i asked them to listen to was my appointee to the conference chuck iayala and an advocate for seniors nationwide. [applause] okay. in the tradition of the great dolores jaurta and a living legend in our country chuck makes his voice heard from city
Oct 1, 2012 6:00am PDT
? >>> good morning from washington. it's monday, october 1st, 2012. this is the daily rundown. i'm chuck todd. one more rundown. let's get to the rundown. mitt romney need as great october to change the course of this campaign. for your him it had to begin wednesday night in denver. romney had just a rough three weeks. he's had a rough three months. you could argue that romney hasn't, quote, won a month in this campaign since may or june. a trailing campaign has just a handful of opportunities to fundamentally change the trajectory of a race. it's losing. barring an october surprise, the three debates that kick off wednesday night are romney's last chance. the president rallied supporters sunday night kicking off his eighth trip to nevada this year before 00 kwering down for two full days for debate prep at a lakeside resort in suburban las vegas. >> you may have heard that in a few days my opponent in this election and i are going to have a debate. i know folks in the media are speculating already on who's going to have the best zingers. >> you are. >> i don't know about that. >> both campai
Oct 29, 2012 6:00am PDT
long for coverage of hurricane sandy. right now chuck todd. >> welcome to special coverage. the east coast braces for impact. hurricane sandy churns north, building steam and causing massive preparation and preemptive closings of schools, businesses and rail lines from washington to new york city. >>> the very serious storm is causing major changes for presidential campaign plans. with just eight days to go, what does it mean for early voting? governor romney's recent momentum and president obama's chance to look presidential in this final week. >>> one state already feeling the direct effect of the storm is right here just outside of us in virginia today. we're breaking down the recent success for democrats in the old dominion and what are the president's chances to do it again? good morning from a very rainy washington. it's monday, october 29th, 2012. this is "the daily rundown." i'm chuck todd. let's get right to my first reads of the morning. and it's this. a massive category 1 storm, but it's a large one. and it's bearing down on the east coast just eight days before the electi
Oct 17, 2012 5:30pm PDT
. think about what all that money could buy. back here, with the race, chuck todd and andrea mitchell, and chuck, a new day after a big event. >> you know, absolutely, if it was not clear to you before it should be now. the two men trying for office, don't really like each other very much. barack obama and mitt romney clashed in what could have been the worst and most difficult debates of the modern era. president obama and mitt romney picked up today where they left off during their contentious debate last night. >> mitt romney is trying to sell you a sketchy deal, we are not buying it. we know better. >> when it comes to his policies and his answers and his agenda, he is pretty much running on fumes. >> reporter: the only thing missing today, the finger pointing and glares dominated last. >> i am happy to answer the question. >> the oil prediction is down -- >> have you looked at your pension? mr. president, have you looked at your pension? >> you know, i don't look at it, it is not as big as yours. >> you will get your chance in a moment, i'm still speaking. >> reporter: and at tim
Oct 24, 2012 6:00am PDT
, if it is way too early, what time sit? >> time for "morning joe." more importantly now, it is time for chuck todd. chuck, take it away. >>> 13 days, seven states, two candidates, one big election. both campaigns say the numbers are in their favor. but president obama and governor romney are barnstorming coast to coast in a race against the clock. right now it is 3-2-1 countdown as in 321 hours until the first polls close. meanwhile in the nation's heartland could republican's senate nominee richard murdoch take romney down with him? among undecided suburban women voters in other states. >>> and you have to pull up a chair to see the latest ad from clint eastwood. he is lending his now unmistakable voice to a new tv ad by the country's biggest republican super pac. good morning from chicago. it is 13 days until election day. as we told you, wednesday, october 24, 2012. this is "the daily run-down." i am chuck todd. let's get to the first reads of the morning. president obama and governor romney crisscrossed the country today with a new urgency. though the campaigns are still fighting over a s
Oct 13, 2012 6:00am EDT
outside if you plan to hit the road soon get ready to crank up the heat. chuck, it is cold out there. >>> it certainly is a very cold start this morning. a lot of the far northern and western suburbs are at or below freezing early this morning. still on the relatively mild side here in the city limits where urban center temperatures are in the low 40s right now. it's 32 in manassas. 30 degrees below freezing now over much of northern montgomery county. 30 in frederick, maryland. 30 in martinsburg and 32 in winchester. freeze warnings still posted to the north and west of the downtown area through about 8:00 or 9:00 this morning. nothing showing up on radar. we'll be dry today and i suspect dry most if not all of your upcoming weekend. here's your saturday planner. plenty of sunshine. cool to chilly sunshine. highs today getting up into the upper 50s and low 60s. on the whole it's going t good day today. the big one between maryland and virginia. down in charlottesville a 3:00 kick off today. 64 degrees for the charlottesville -- in charlottesville for the game on the grounds of the u
Oct 14, 2012 7:00pm PDT
for this man in 1947. 65 years ago today. retired ooir force colonel chuck yeager did something very appropriate. he broke testify sound barrier again. riding in the back seat of an f-15 fighter jet. but wait, there's more. i'm going to be talking to him about it right here general live. general chuck yeager joins me. >>> the meningitis outbreak continues to spread. these two strains of fungus are part of the outbreak that has infected six more people in the last 24 hours. overall 205 cases have been confirmed in 14 states. 15 people have died and the victims received tainted steroid injections commonly given to relieve intense neck and back pain. >>> ahead we're talking to a family grieving. the grandfather is one of those who has died during this outbreak. >>> the state's work is well underway for tuesday's night presidential debatet hofstra university. president obama and mitt romney will square off in a town hall style format. candy crowly is the moderator and we'll have more on debate preparations straight ahead. >>> america has lost a giant. pennsylvania senator arrest when spe
Oct 15, 2012 6:00am PDT
captain, derek jeter. >> i thought you meant it. i hope even more. what did you learn? >> chuck todd, political journalism, dan balls, political journalism, and mike barnicle. >> exactly. >> come on. >> also, if you've got time today,, a great article. >>> the presidential fight goes buffalo springfield on us. you know this is my favorite thing to quote. there's something happening out here. what it is, ain't exactly clear. but one thing for sure, president obama's team is clearly starting to act like any structural ang they thought they had is eroding. and that turns up the heat on tomorrow's debate. connecting with questionnaires, getting this idea that he can handle real people, can the president get people to give him another look? a case can be made. this debate is now the most crucial with next week's. >>> plus, four races that tell a story of not just big money but also a clue about which party can claim victory in november even if control doesn't necessarily change hands. good morning from washington. it's 22 days until election day and it's monday, octo
Oct 17, 2012 12:00am PDT
. >> rose: chuck todd? >> well, everything has been said, not everybody said it a couple of little body language tells by the way. right after the first debate, the president left the stage first after it was over, mitt romney lingered, waved to the crowd, shook hands, you could tell he felt good. well guess what happened after this debate? the president only just left now, he just lingered for almost 25 minutes, posing with pictures with all of these folks, mitt romney is the one who left first so i kind of think sometimes body language, we talked about it during the debate, the post debate i think you can tell which candidate feels good and which doesn't feel good. i think there are a couple of things here, romney had some i would say missed a lot more opportunities, the president had a plan, he executed it and with mark halperin he clearly got in the mitt romney's head, romney was a different guy after the libya stumble and again, the romney folks believe th the fact checkers will tank their side but mitt romney couldn't make the argument. it is sort of the same issue president obam
Oct 4, 2012 5:30pm PDT
alexander is in fischerville, virginia tonight. our chief white house correspondent, chuck todd, traveling with the president in madison, wisconsin and peter, we'll begin with you. what was it like on the road today? >> well, after a brief pause for prayer here, this is going to be a party-like atmosphere. they are trying to build on the momentum from last night. a country music band will be performing here and mitt romney will be joined by his running mate, paul ryan. let's give a sense of what it was like on the plane as we flew out here on the way out today. we saw mitt romney as loose and as relaxed as we have seen him all campaign. he was all smiles and laughter, joking with his advisers in the front cabin. at one point, the captain came on and said that the denver control tower has congratulated the governor. that of course was met by applause with all the folks sitting by the governor. a top adviser told me the campaign is in a really good mood, but they're going out of their way not to be gloating. one other story from last night, when top supporters and donors were in romney's hot
Oct 15, 2012 5:30pm PDT
, facing real people and a journalist for 90 minutes. andrea mitchell, washington. >>> and chuck todd with us tonight, for more on this. and chuck, the crowd, the questioners say nothing of the moderator, becomes almost the third man in this format. >> reporter: no, it does, and you have to be careful, you know, you can attack a moderator and you win points with the public. you attack a member of the public and you lose points for the public. this race is at a nice edge, you no longer call it close, but the president has structural advances, there are no butt's, it is that close now, the opportunities and pit falls have to do with this format. with this format, mitt romney's big hurdle is the issue of relating to the average joe and jane, well, joe and jane are asking questions tomorrow night. he pulls that off, breaks through this one barrier, and the structural issue could change and give him an advantage. the president, of course, has to re-paint mitt romney as being the out-of-touch rich guy. we'll see if he can pull it off. >> chuck, thank you, we'll see you in 24 hours and of co
Oct 16, 2012 5:30pm PDT
, starting with our political director and chief white house correspondent chuck todd, also on the ground of the campus of hofstra university tonight. chuck, earlier today you said you could make an argument that we're now entering the most important single 36-hour period of this campaign thus far. give us a viewer's guide to tonight? >> well, i know that we can be accused of overhyping the moment. this is one of those times we're not overhyping. this is the moment. this is the time you can see this campaign shift. it is not in cement, if you will. let me tell you what the romney campaign thinks. they have huge confidence here. they are acting as if they're the front-runner. they believe they have nothing new to do. they plan on ignoring many of the attacks that the president is going to put out at them, they say, and instead try to have a conversation with people. as for the president, aides admit to me, he failed to answer the simple question that ted kennedy famously couldn't answer, which is, why do you want a second term? and what do you plan to do? and that's something they plan to
Oct 26, 2012 5:30pm PDT
to our political director and chief white house correspondent, chuck todd. so chuck, this is the field in front of us, john sununu said that colin powell endorsed the president because they're both black guys. another endorses president obama for president, by mistake, and romney talks about the piece of property, accepting help from stimulus money. beyond unforced errors, the romney's campaign is to put together the electoral and not the popular vote in the math, in the next ten days to push the victory. >> that is right the magic number, 270, here the states in yellow are the states we believe are toss-ups, the ones which we just don't know. they may lean one way or the other. let me take you through some scenarios where we think the battleground will narrow in the next week. if you talk to democrats they believe they're ahead in new hampshire. by the way, as you see me moving these states you will see the numbers above the president and above mitt romney change. so watch as i change them. they think they're a little bit ahead in wisconsin. but they also believe the democrats are a l
Oct 7, 2012 6:00pm EDT
across the wilson bridge and over the finish line at national harbor. storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell is here. will it be more of the same for the start of the workweek is the question, chuck? >> luckily, a lot of people don't even have to go to work tomorrow because of columbus day, but those who have to go to work will be off to a dry start on your monday, but the rest of your sunday evening promises to be cold and damp outside. current temperatures are hovering barely above the 50 degree morning in many neighborhoods. 51 at national airport. that's our coldest temperature of the fall season so far, and here it is on storm 4 doppler. the rain isn't all that heavy, light and moderate at times. it is right over camden yards in baltimore. they may have a little bit of a rain delay to get that game under way, but it won't last all night long, and once the skies clear out after midnight for a brief time, a chance for some frost out to the west of the blue ridge. so cold and wet now, cold and just damp by 9:00, 10:00. skies clearing ou as we aim towards midnight. you may get a peek o
Oct 5, 2012 6:00am PDT
, october 5th, 2012. this is "the daily rundown." i'm chuck todd. we'll have much more on the new jobs numbers in minutes with economist mark zandi, texas senator kay bailey hutchison is here, and an exclusive this morning senior adviser to the president david plouffe. but first right to my first reads of the morning. we'll hear from the obama and romney campaigns on the jobs numbers. i'm sure a ton on the campaign trail. they're in the big three battleground states at some point shadowing each other yet again this morning in the old dominion and the president hits cleveland, ohio while romney goes to an evening rally at st. pete in st. petersburg, florida. last night a very confident mitt romney and paul ryan whipped up their base in rural virginia and as much as the romney campaign is determined not to cloak their actual fireworks it wasn't exactly subtle. >> last night was an important night for the country because people got to -- got the chance to cut through all the attacks and counterattacks and all of the theatrics associated with a campaign and instead were able to listen to s
Oct 31, 2012 6:00am PDT
? at this moment time for chuck and "the daily rundown. ." >>> the aftermath, dozens of lives lost, millions still without power. hundreds lose their homes in a horrible new york fire and millions more are dealing with damage, floods, and transportation trouble. the cleanup is under way but the shock is far from over even as the first signs of normalcy emerge. after monitoring the storms from the white house, the president is heading to new jersey. he'll join governor chris christie to see the devastation on the ground himself. meanwhile, governor romney, he's back on the trail in florida. there's still just six days until the election. what does that tell us about where the campaign stakes are really in play this morning. good morning from washington. it's wednesday, october 31st, 2012. happy halloween. this is "the daily rundown." i'm chuck todd. let's get right to may first reads of the morning. we're still a long way from recovery. today after hurricane sandy's devastation we're seeing the very first signs of a return to what may be some normalcy as millions attempt to put the pieces back toge
Oct 31, 2012 2:05am PDT
're having a complete makeover. >> we love our guys tell-all panel, ryan, chuck, remember this guy? bob guinea is here from "the bachelor." >> he got married. >> but it didn't work out. >> welcome, bob, we're so bad. half of them don't, bob. >> one out of two, bob, you know? my first one didn't, hoda's didn't, we're all in this together, all right? >> are you comfy. by the way, i get why guys sit in these easy chairs and eat funyons. >> how do you get out? they are ugly as sin, but i like it. >> cozy. >> you got your frank gifford shirt on? >> i wouldn't show up in anything other than the frank shirt. we only have about 100 hanging around at home. >>> we had a big reaction yesterday from our question -- everybody in the world except for myself has read the "fisty shade of gray" trilogy, we asked you out there who you think of when you're reading. this >> you picked yesterday. >> who should play it in the movie. >> you picked kevin costner in "no way out." >> not in the "hatfields and mccoys." >> and you picked the one and only frank gifford. >> when he was about 27, which is how old chr
Oct 12, 2012 6:00am PDT
monday. time for chuck. >>> substance versus style. vice president joe biden brought the passion and eased the panic from the democratic debate. the smirks, the interruptions, was he too amped up? congressman paul ryan thankfully no mention of big bird but a grover did come up. norquist, that is. and a tight race, could a third guy play spoiler? it's a potential issue and a handful of swing state. we're going to take a deep dive and talk to one of those potential po potential spoilers. good morning again. it's friday, october 12th, 2012. this is the daily rundown. i'm chuck todd. i have ted strickland, ron johnson, congressman from the same party who almost came to blows. that's going to be a little later in the show. let me get to our first reads before i get to the governor who is ready to go. vice president joe biden trying to calm down supporters, still upset over president obama's performance last week went with the kitchen sink approach. congressman paul ryan embraced the do no harm strategy. joe for better and worse being joe. >> our adversaries are much more willing tomor
Oct 30, 2012 6:00am PDT
have done for all of us. >> "morning joe," be safe out there, stick around now for chuck. >>> sandy storms through the northeast causing massive flooding, knocking out power for nearly 8 million people, one of the worst storms ever to hit the region, leaving billions of dollars in damage in its path. meanwhile, president obama and governor romney canceled more campaign plans, essentially freezing the race in place with just seven days to go. could sandy reset the tone of the race in the final hours? or even delay the election? >>> and that broken construction crane, folks, it's still dangling, dangerously high above the streets of midtown manhattan. the latest on that and much more in minutes. we've got that live briefing from mayor michael bloomberg that comes up in this hour. good morning from washington. it's still one week until election day, believe it or not, tuesday, october 30th, 2012, this is the "daily rundown," i'm chuck todd. let's get right to what we know this hour. at least 18 people have been killed, early estimates, but the damage from sandy at somewhere between $10
Oct 13, 2012 9:00am EDT
're bummed out. but hopefully chuck bell is standing by and will brighten our day. hi, chuck. >> i can brighten it from a sunshine perspective. it is going to be a good-looking day outside today. perfect day to sit back and go, oh, next year. but, yes indeed. it's going to be a beautiful weekend in the great outdoors today so make your plans to get outside and enjoy it if you can. still a little bit on the chilly side early this morning. manassas park is at 37 degrees. 44 in fredericksburg. still 30 in frederick, maryland. and a lot of spots in northern maryland and west of the blue ridge down below freezing this morning. all the freeze watches and warnings have now been allowed to expire and storm 4 radar is absolutely free of rainfall anywhere near us. here's your saturday planner. plenty of sunshine. highs today upper 50s and low 60s and of course it's a saturday in the fall. that means it's college football forecast fim. the black knights of army playing host to kent state university in west point today. a noon kick off. 47 degrees there. don't want to forget about the other servic
Oct 15, 2012 1:00am PDT
no big deal for this man. he did it first back in 1947. 65 years ago today. chuck yeager did something appropriate for the anniversary today. he broke the sound barrier again riding in the backseat of an f-15 fighter jet. but i. wait, there's more. i'm going to be talking to him live, general chuck yeager joins me on cnn in just a few minutes. >>> the meningitis outbreak continues to spread. the cdc says these two strains of fungus are part of the outbreak that infected six more people in the last 24 hours. overall 205 cases have been confirmed in 14 states. 15 people have died. the victims received tainted steroid injections commonly given to relieve intense neck and back pain. just ahead we're talking with a family that is grieving. the grandfather is one of those who has died during this outbreak. >>> the state's work is well under way for tuesday's presidential debate at hofstra university. president obama and mitt romney will square off in a town hall style format. our candy crowley is the moderator, and we're going to have have more on that straight ahead. >>> america has lost on
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Oct 5, 2012 7:00pm PDT
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Oct 2, 2012 2:00pm PDT
it time after time after time to much good effect from their point of view. >> chuck, i can't remember anything that's really resounded so well with one side against the other. i guess there was the dui charge in 2000 which was really a self-inflicted wound by one side. here again a somewhat self-inflicted wound although he didn't intend anybody to know about it. this 47%, i think it's a bigger number than the 1% we talked about for the last year or so, the very top people. >> well, here is where i find it made a penetration. so one of the things we have done in our nbc/"wall street journal" poll, most of it comes out in a little bit, but we asked sort of the remaining undecided or sort of soft romney/obama voters, we asked them, tell us what is a hesitation you have about romney becoming president, what is a hesitation you have about obama becoming president? almost universally the hesitations on romney, even among voters who clearly sound like they're eventually going to support romney, is the idea that he's out of touch, that he seems to not understand what it's like to be a middle
Oct 30, 2012 11:00pm PDT
news political director chuck todd and editorial director for "the huffington post" howard fineman. he's also an msnbc analyst. chuck, i want you to start here, tell me -- let's look at the president. the president visited red cross headquarters this afternoon and promised to help the hard-hit communities cut through the bureaucratic red tape to get assistance. let's watch him here today. >> my instructions to the federal agency has been do not figure out why we can't do something. i want you to figure out how we do something. i want you to cut through red tape. i want you to cut through bureaucracy. there's no excuse for inaction at this point. i want every agency to lean forward and to make sure that we are getting the resources where they need -- where they're needed as quickly as possible. >> well, meanwhile, this afternoon vice president biden was asked about the president's response to the disaster. here is what he had to say. let's take a look. >> look, i've never seen a guy so focused. i mean, he just wants to make sure -- look, the last conversation he said, look, folks, i'm u
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 1,089 (some duplicates have been removed)